Dirtcaps Release ‘Boss It Up’ EP


Boss it Up EP

The highly energetic Dutch DJ/MC trio Dirtcaps adds an exciting new chapter to their ever-evolving musical adventures with the release of their ‘Boss It Up’ EP. The titel track is a crafty trip into reggaeton/trap music, featuring the vocals of Jamaican lyricist The Kemist, while the track together with Gianni Marino, ‘What U Got’ explores the more bass heavy grounds of reggaeton dance floors. The third track ‘World On Fire’ takes things even deeper with down tempo but massive beats, creating mayhem together with Dutch master Raynor Bruges. Trap till you drop!

Imagine this: two DJ’s filled with passion for music and an energetic MC who completes their sets with rhymes and tremendous timing, that’s Dirtcaps! This unique and energetic Dutch DJ/MC trio has been rocking out clubs in Holland and the rest of Europe for years now and they are making big steps to take over the rest of the world. They recently played at big festivals like TommorowWorld in Atlanta and at World of Wonders Festival in Mexico.

Sound like something you might be into? Check out their SoundCloud HERE, or buy ‘Boss It Up’ on Beatport HERE.


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