Over the weekend, Canada’s most popular DJ duo DVBBS (pronounced “dubs”) unexpectedly released a track called “Telephone,” a collaboration with Danish prodigy Mike Hawkins. DVBBS is primarily known for their high energy tracks, but ‘Telephone’ steps away from the sound they’ve been boasting lately and has a rougher sound in contrast to their hits like “Always” and “White Clouds.” The drop in “Telephone” is energetic and soothing all at the same time, creating a melodic but uplifting beat.

The electronic duo formed in 2012 and is composed of brothers Christopher and Alexandre van den Hoef. After major success with their initial hit in collaboration with Borgeous and their track “Tsunami,” that reached number 1 on the UK charts, the brothers began putting out one hit after another. DVBBS showcase their incredible diversity as producers with tracks like “Gold Skies,” “This is Dirty,” and “Always,” all released last year.  Since then, the pair has been getting busy performing worldwide at their sold out shows. They are set to perform in Ibiza, Croatia, Greece, Germany, and Italy in upcoming months.electronic-music


By: Sarah Kelleher

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