Ellen Allien Unveils New ‘AurAA’ Album!

AurAA’ is the latest album coming from one of Berlin’s most ardent techno ambassadors Ellen Allien. Set to be released on June 12th, the Berlin native brings us her newest musical creations in this emotive 9-track LP. Music is truly happiness, and during these times, it’s a way for us to connect with each other. We had a listen to Allien’s ‘AurAA‘ and we are truly in love. The album emits vibrations of a parallel universe, with Ellen’s artistic craft combining a downtempo intro, her very own vocals and a raw, emotive journey into the techno queen’s musical mind.

This past May, Allien released two singles off the album ‘True Romantics’ and ‘Hello‘ – both tantalizing techno creations made for you to shake your ass in your living room dance parties, to feel some happiness and connect to your higher self. Have a listen to True Romantics down below.

Check out Ellen Allien’s ‘AurAA’ coming out June 12th, on BPitch!

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