Emily Hearn Hourglass Album Cover
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Emily Hearn, the down-to-earth country/pop/folk songstress with the voice of an angel, has announced the impending release of her new album, Hourglass, scheduled to hit the public on March 10. Her sound is upbeat, recognizable and pretty much just provides a good time (it’s really hard not to like).

This is the second studio album release for the Griffin, GA native and current Athens resident, produced by Chad Copelin (Green River Ordinance, Ben Rector) through Aware Records. The theme for this collection of tracks is time and how it plays into Emily Hearn’s life and our daily human existence.

Emily Hearn Hourglass Album Cover
Photo Credit: 37 Media

“We fall in or out of love as time moves us. We learn life-changing lessons as time goes on. We figure out how to handle important relationships as time shapes us. We decide who we want to be and what we believe as time reveals our priorities. And ultimately, we grow older as time goes by,” said Hearn.

Hearn makes it a habit to draw direct inspiration from actual people, events, feelings and contemplations from her everyday life. For instance, in the irresistibly sweet love song “Found a Heart” Hearst describes falling for “a heart that was just like mine” and how “ready” she is to wed him. Rather than some vague figure painted to fit the song’s narrative, Hearn is serenading none other than the bassist of her ensemble and how-husband. Cute, right? The sweet tooth in me bit into that fact with unabashed gluttony.

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Emily Hearn is going on a US tour, beginning in San Francisco on March 18 (8 days after Hourglass release). Check dates and locations on her website. Now, as you wait for the next two and a half months go by, acquaint yourself with some of her older works via Soundcloud.


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