Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California are sister cities; in the past few years, the manpower and cultural flows between them have grown beyond expectations, with LA becoming a cultural hype capital in the US the same way that Berlin has in Europe. From Berlin to LA is a two-day event taking place in several LA venues on February 5th and 6th; the project is initiated by Your Mom’s Agency in Berlin in partnership with the Goethe-Institut-LA, Raumfeld and Bold LA, and willshowcase the growing bond between electronic musicians in Berlin and LA – a bond that goes beyond touring on both sides as musicians exchange scene and tech intel, and absorb each other’s culture.

From Berlin to LA addresses electronic music enthusiasts of different horizons and ages thanks to panels and workshops about DJing or digital production, projections, live and DJ sets with a new tech twist or an old-school flair showcasing Berlin or Berlin- influenced electronic music ranging from electronica new beats, to house, techno and experimental.

From Berlin to LA is initiated by Your Mom’s Agency from Berlin, with the support of the Goethe-Institut, Bold LA and Raumfeld, as well as, Grimy, Native Instruments, XLR8R, FoF, Barkin Kitchen, Discogs and Amoeba.

What artists can you expect to see there?

Anna Cavazos (NYC/LA/Berlin): producer, DJ, vocalist
Carlos Oblivion & Black Replica (Detroit/Berlin/LA): producers, DJ, vocalist Dersu (Berlin/LA, Vice): DJ, producer
Katie Otro (LA/Berlin/Ibiza): DJ, producer
Lucky Paul (Auckland/Berlin/LA): producer
Masha (LA, Dig Deeper): LA scene rep, DJ
Mor Elian (Tel Aviv/LA/Berlin, Prime Numbers): DJ, producer
Perera Elsewhere (London/Berlin, LA label FoF): singer-songwriter, producer, DJ Robot Koch (Berlin/LA, Monkeytown): producer, composer
Simonne Jones (LA/Berlin): singer-songwriter, producer
Zernell & Son (LA, Grimy): DJ, vinyl expert
19th Moon (Berlin/LA): singer-songwriter, producer

This event is FREE, but is first come, first serve. Head out early to avoid missing any of the action!

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