Hey Rosetta 2015 Band Photo
Photo Credit: Sacks and Co.

Hey Rosetta! is a nontraditional band situated in the present, accessible to almost anyone, and they have recently released a new album titled “Second Sight.” The Canadian seven-person ensemble finds its sound in an orchestrated pop/folk approach. The compelling vocals, soft yet powerful, overlay a thoughtful succession of both modern and classic instruments to create a sound and a story. Second Sight is the band’s fourth LP and was produced by Marcus Paquin (associated with Arcade Fire, Stars and The National) through Sonic Records. Check out the music video to the first single off the album, “What Arrows” below:

Hey Rosetta! has been active since 2005 but hadn’t released an album in almost four years before now. Aside from the inspiring vocals and showmanship from frontman Tim Baker, the band’s repertoire includes piano, violin and cello. VICE’s Noisey has referred to them as, “Lush orchestration, gorgeous baroque-pop arrangements, and crescendos that don’t only shoot for the rafters and hit them, but explode straight out of their confines.”

Hey Rosetta 2015 Band Photo
Photo Credit: Sacks and Co.

Second Sight can be streamed on Spotify and purchased in digital or hard formats on their website. Be sure to hit up one of their upcoming US tour dates with Quiet Life.


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