Kid Moxie Portrait 2014
Photo Credit: Terrorbird Media

Off of her new album 1888 which dropped last month through Undo/DMI on Earmilk, Kid Moxie released a hauntingly cyclical, stunning point-of-view music video the title track “1888” feat. The Gaslamp Killer. The LA-based Greek musician sought out a fellow Greek, director Zan Tot, to conceive the cinematic product which can be viewed below:

Kid Moxie’s experimental take on music and her etherial, soft pop sound makes her an exciting act to watch. Already with the new year, she has readied a slew of new 1888-related tracks and videos that allow the album to continue to take on new new life.

Kid Moxie Portrait 2014
Photo Credit: Terrorbird Media

Here’s some official background information on Elena Charbila, the interesting person behind Kid Moxie:

In the fall of 2009, Kid Moxie released her first album Selector via Undo/EMI Records which primarily saw the light of day European markets and various international indie circuits. Outside of music, she divides her time between music and acting, performing alongside legendary actors such as Al Pacino and Malcolm McDowell. Kid Moxie is also involved with the David Lynch Foundation, the non-profit venture where some of her music is currently featured that aims to raise funds for projects bringing stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation to at-risk youths, veterans, prison inmates and homeless.


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