Lucent Dossier Experience Release Sophomore Album ‘Light of the World’

Photography: Watchara
Photography: Watchara

Lucent Dossier Light of the World

Lucent Dossier Experience will release their sophomore album, Light of the World, on Feb. 21, 2015. Based on the live performance art and music show that the Los Angeles-based electro-circus has performed at Coachella and stages across the globe, Light of the World is seven tracks that transport the listener to another dimension.

Arranged by Lucent Dossier music producers Atla Gadret, Frankie Metaphase and creative director Dream Rockwell, Light of the World is part magic carpet ride through the cosmos (“Aquious Mystified”), part neo-vaudeville carnival (“Sing Sing Sing”), and part meditation retreat (“Maat Magick”). Above all, this collection of original electronic, tribal and bass music defines Lucent Dossier’s ongoing creative revolution, which serves to move both the body and the mind.

“I had a lot of inspiration from that connection with the Lucent Dossier performers, as well as instant feedback,” says Gadret of the writing process. “I love to create music without artistic boundaries and this is a true collaboration between music and live performance.”

The Lucent Dossier band shows that music has no bounds on Light of the World. Each track features traditional instrumentation amplified by electronic riffs; one song will feature a swinging horn section partnered with glitchy bass, while a Flamenco guitar finds harmony with a tabla and big room house music on another. The LP’s first single, “Kundalini,” features marries booming bass and big tribal drums with a beautiful piano bridge.

“It’s like a force that once it starts, it can’t be stopped,” explains Gadret of the track that can be streamed here.

The Light of the World album is the first music to be released from Lucent Dossier since 2012’s Gateway, a six-track EP that melded heavy bass and Eastern ceremonial sounds into one.  “We always want to transport people out of their current reality into another realm,” says Rockwell. “I think that we’re all looking for escapes from the confines of Earth and music is the most delicious of them all.”

Light of the World will be available for purchase beginning Feb. 21 on iTunes, and for streaming on SoundCloud and Spotify through Lucent Dossier Music. The beautiful album artwork was done by Venice, CA artist Chris Saunders. As previously noted, Lucent Dossier has released the first single from the album, titled “Kundalini,” that you can listen to below.


1 As Above So Below

2 Aquious Mystified (feat. Stephan Jacobs)

3 Gypsy Eyes

5 Kundalini

4 Maat Magick (feat. Imagika Om)

6 Shaman’s Dance

7 Sing Sing Sing (Remix)

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