LUUDE Drops Exclusive ‘Flip’ of Martin Garrix’s “Animals”

Up-and-comer, LUUDE recently released his flip of Martin Garrix’s hit single “Animals”. His take on the classic showcases his versatility and production chops. In the few days since its release his flip has garnered tens-of-thousands of plays and recognition from many. Recently receiving love from The Chainsmokers as well, Luude is on track to becoming a household name in the dance community.

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In his own words “I always make whatever I feel like, so when I’m on the road playing clubs I make music for the club, but when I’m chillin on vacation this vibey stuff comes naturally and it’s something I want to do more of.” The last time he wrote something “vibey” on vacay it racked up 6.9 million streams(on Spotify alone) so those holidays are clearly paying off.

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FestPop Staff Writer, Azita Lotfi

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