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The beginning of this week through , Pandora will be streaming STEVE AOKI’s NEON FUTURE ODYSSEY deluxe album, giving fans an opportunity to hear it prior to its release  on Dim Mak/Ultra Music (To date, AOKI’s music has amassed almost 90 million spins on the platform). ODYSSEY encompasses AOKI’s NEON FUTURE I and II albums along with six bonus tracks–collaborations with Headhunterz and Marnik, a brand new song “Titanic” (infamously debuted at Tomorrowland this past July), his popular single “Cake Face” and a brand new version of his song with Moxie “I Love It When You Cry” entitled the Steve Aoki Es Vedra remix.

Neon Future Odessey

The beginning of this week through Thursday, October 1, Pandora will be streaming STEVE AOKI’s NEON FUTURE ODYSSEY deluxe album, giving fans an opportunity to hear it prior to its release October 2 on Dim Mak/Ultra Music (To date, AOKI’s music has amassed almost 90 million spins on the platform). ODYSSEY encompasses AOKI’s NEON FUTURE I and II albums along with six bonus tracks–collaborations with Headhunterz and Marnik, a brand new song “Titanic” (infamously debuted at Tomorrowland this past July), his popular single “Cake Face” and a brand new version of his song with Moxie “I Love It When You Cry” entitled the Steve Aoki Es Vedra remix.

Tune in to the complete NEON FUTURE ODYSSEY streaming now on Pandora here:
 Boregore aoki
Along with the album stream, Dancing Astronaut premiered September 24 the ODYSSEY bonus track “Phenomena,” STEVE AOKI’s collaboration with fellow studio maven Borgore.  From paintball playoffs and Twitch battles, the two share a history of good times.  “Phenomena” finds AOKI and Borgore together again in the studio for a true big room banger.  Says Dancing Astronaut’s Andrew Spada (9/24/15),” An eardrum busting big room output from two of the genre’s pre-eminent party starters, ‘Phenomena’ is poised to take festival crowds by storm as this year’s season begins to wind down.”


Listen to STEVE AOKI & Borgore’s “Phenomena” here:

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