VCATION Shares New Single “When We Were Gold”

VCATION EDM Duo New Single - When We Were Gold

The Swedish EDM Duo VCATION has released a new single When We Were Gold. You won’t be able to stop moving to this one!


The duo is made up of John Martin and Michel Zitron. If you didn’t already know, they are 2 of the EDM world’s secret weapons. VCATION is the brainchild of two of Sweden’s most influential songwriters, producers and singers. Martin and Zitron have hit songs with Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, and Tiesto. After years of music making, world touring, and partying, the two decided to join together and form VCATION.

VCATION EDM Swedish Duo has a New Single - When We Were Gold

VCATION draws up sounds from the 90s and early 00s. Those sounds created by VCATION give fans nostalgic beats with modern pop appeal. When We Were Young is the perfect example of that.

The two have an origin story marked by the twists and turns of a life dedicated to creative expression. After an unexpected DJing stint in Vegas, VCATION decided to join forces and evolve their EDM and Indie roots to create a brand new sound. VCATION continues the tradition of trend-leading Swedish pop perfection.

When We Were Gold

This new single is the second single from the duo. In July, they debuted Lay Low. Their first single came out with a bang and When We Were Gold is bound to do the same. The track consists of an epic soundscape combined with the VCATION signature melancholic melodies and a dark, 30 synth-based drop.

When We Were Gold is like a nostalgic postcard from golden times. You know how old memories often fade, until only the shimmer is what’s left? That’s what we wanted to capture” the duo says, and continues: “The song – which actually was written on a grand piano in a large, empty concert hall – is inspired by late 90’s and early 00’s sounds, acts like Faithless. We wanted to embody that nostalgic vibe with trance-like influences and an energetic dance atmosphere.”

Listen to When We Were Gold on the following platforms:

Spotify. Apple Music. SoundCloud.

All in all, for more information about VCATION, follow their socials:

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. SoundCloud. Spotify.


FestPop Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett
FestPop Staff Writer, Katherine Bennett


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