Waxthieve Release New Single “Alive” Feat. Niki Black


Los Angeles based duo, Waxthieves, just released their latest single Alivewith singer Niki Black. “Alive” is a genre defying song containing elements of electronic music with touches of house and disco. Waxthieves use both live guitar and saxophone mixed with heavy hitting EDM production to create an ethereal, yet chest-pounding track. With clear influence from groups such as Daft Punk and Justice, Waxthieves have set out to bring the high energy of disco and rock into pop electronic/dance music. 

Waxthieves is comprised of producer and guitarist, Andrea Calabria, as well as classically trained pianist, saxophonist, and producer, Frankie Arena. The duo originally met and formed in Rome, Italy. After meeting, the two began playing shows in the nightclubs of Rome, later setting off around Europe to perform and collaborate with artists from England, Spain, Morocco, and other locations. After returning to the U.S., Waxthieves built their studio in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. In the following months, they began playing the club circuit throughout Los Angeles, bringing electronic music back to a heavily rap and pop influenced scene. 

“Alive” is one of the many future-classics that Waxthieves have been striving to create. In the coming months Waxthieves will be ramping up releases and continuing the momentum.


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