New Names Added to Amsterdam Dance Event

The exciting upcoming festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, proudly revealed new names for the event’s Sound Lab Program. The epic festival, scheduled for October 19-23, also known as ADE, is one of the most prominent event for dance music in the entire world.

About Amsterdam Dance Event’s Sound Lab Program

The festival is not only a center for dance music musicians and fans to gather and rage, but also a conference where moguls and entrepreneurs in the industry gather. The conference is known as the ADE Sound Lab Program.

This special program hosted by the Amsterdam Dance Event is a multi-day program free to visitors. It aims to cover every aspect of the industry including sound, sound synthesis, audiovisual art. In addition, it hosts talk forums about ground-breaking ways to produce sound, demonstrated, developed, and discussed. Sound Lab also hosts engineer and artists talks, audiovisual art installations, DIY workshops, premium gear. Lastly, it would not be complete without live performances.

Recently, ADE announced that Richie Hawtin, Mark Verbos, Daniel Miller, and Matador were new contributions to the Sound Lab exclusive fan/artist forum in the ADE MusicTalks. These awesome new speakers join an already impressive list that includes David Smith, Octave One, Jameszoo, and Francesco Tristano.

A snapshot of one of the events at ADE's SoundLab
A snapshot of one of the events at ADE’s SoundLab

More About the New Announced Speakers

Each speaker recently revealed by the program’s organizers will host insightful and exciting programs and workshops. The following are brief descriptions of these anticipated additions to the Sound Lab schedule.

Instrument Design

Mark Verbos will host a keynote presentation during Sound Lab. Verbos is has had a successful career, being a pioneer for music and instrument design. Verbos is a successful electronic musician, recording producer/engineer, and synthesizer tech/designer since the early 1990’s. As a musician, he has released an extensive list of recordings as well as performed internationally. He is also famous for his live shows being completely improvised while using analog gear. Verbos Electronics, his own synthesizer brand, is known for its musical and aesthetic interfaces.


Hawtin will speak the philosophy behind the development of his new project, PLAYdifferently mixer. This innovation is a result of a partnership with British product designer Andy Rigby-Jones, who worked on the Allen&Heath’s Xone mixer series. He will also exhibit the MODEL 1 PD in a technical masterclass.

Additionally, in a different session, the Dublin based producer and engineer will present with DJ Gavin Lynch, also known as Matador. They will concentrate on how to use the MODEL 1 PD both in a live and studio performances.

Modular Basics

Founder of Mute Records, Daniel Miller is a successful producer and musician. Moreover, he is famous for his vintage electronic instruments collection. This impressive collection includes the vocoder used by Kraftwerk’s early tracks. The core of his presentation is focused on a course of Modular Basics. He’ll so do by bringing a small modular set-up. Additionally, he will demonstrate his skills with it, as well as presenting his most recent sonic adventures and the role of analog synthesis in his extensive career. Lastly, Miller will answer audience questions.

A presentation at ADE's SoundLab
A presentation at ADE’s Sound Lab

Other Information About Sound Lab

The conference will take place on October 20-22. Even more speakers, dates, times, and venues will be announced soon! Also, make sure to get the ADE Card for only about $11. This awesome pass gains you entrance to all of the Amsterdam Music Event’s MusicTalks and live performances.

For more information about the festival and to buy tickets, visit their website here.

A live performance at ADE
A live performance at ADE

FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk
FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk
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