Nicky Romero Unveils Moving ‘Lighthouse’ Music Video

Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero

Earlier this year, Dutch superstar Nicky Romero SILENCED critics with the release of the heart wrenching music video for ‘Let Me Feel.’ After displaying a new creative direction for the Protocol label boss, Nicky has now finally unveiled an equally captivating follow up as he brings his listeners the first part in the Nicky Romero Trilogy – the beautiful video accompaniment to his summer smash hit ‘Lighthouse’.

A groundbreaking concept for the pioneering producer, the Trilogy will see Romero craft 3 tracks alongside 3 spectacular videos, without weaving them together to create one short story, set to drop early next year. Unlike the usual crowd shot videos, the first installment in the series, ‘Lighthouse’ provides a welcome deviation from the EDM standard as it follows the story of Jon, a middle-aged, wheel chair bound man who has been slowly passing his years of enjoyment in a nursing home. Dreaming of breaking free and getting out of his surroundings, it seems as though the increasingly frustrated hospital patient is destined to a heartbroken and lonely existence forced to watch those around him that are blessed by visits from loved ones. With the home’s young nurse Eve seemingly the only person who notices his existence. Centering around the relationship between Eve and Jon and her dedication to understanding his past and bringing the light quite literally back into his life, the first part will leave fans eager to find out more. 

Directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker David McDonald, in collaboration with Mad Ruk Entertainment, ‘Lighthouse’ is a beautiful exploration of human relationships, opportunities and regrets, which manages to convey a melancholic yet simultaneously heartwarming message.

Nicky Romero Video Release

With the release of ‘Lighthouse’ drawing us to a close, Nicky and his team have launched a unique landing page to explain the concept behind the Nicky Romero Trilogy and give fans further insight into the movie, including personal content from the characters, behind the scenes footage and much more to be revealed in the run up to each part. Head over to to unlock more content including a note from Nicky himself.

Known by his fans for his creative campaigns and ‘out of the box’ ideas, Nicky’s latest project has been a labor of love and perhaps most importantly marks a new chapter in the young producer’s career. Recently Nicky has opened up to his fans and the public about his artistic difficulties he has experienced in the past year, but through the release of this Trilogy Romero describes  the culmination of an ‘amazing journey.’ With Part 2 promising to come soon and featuring his epic collaboration with the legendary Nile Rodgers, all eyes and ears of his devoted fans are trained on Nicky Romero.

                                                     Written By FestPop Staff Writer: Tyler Zinn

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