NKRIOT Album Release Recap + Exclusive Interview

The Downtown L.A. Independent Theater isn’t known as a music venue by any means. With a lengthy list of venues and studios in the greater Los Angeles area, it was both curious and thrilling to hear NKRIOT’s album release party for his ‘Virtual Climax Recording’ EP would be hosted at the movie theater. After the hour-long performance though, it was obvious that the holographic 3D immersive music experience was better suited for the atmosphere in every way possible.

Known for his “DIY or Die” brand, NKRIOT’s set up was nothing less than impressive. His decks and helmet were hand-made, by his own two hands, and the fact was mesmerizing as he played his hard-hitting beats. When the table in front of him tipped over, catching his equipment from falling by milliseconds – the room of family, friends, and fans held their breaths together. A tumble like that had much higher stakes outside of a moment of silence in a dark room.

The crowd sat politely in their seats; their gazes unmoving as heads bobbed side-to-side. The unique concert image was only heightened by each audience member wearing old-school, blue and red 3D glasses that we were provided before the show. Behind NKRIOT the screen projected 3D visuals that kept the crowd engaged. No one talked, it was as if we were actually experiencing a movie – the music was just louder and the story lacked a narrative. Though it didn’t hinder the experience, it would have been great for the music to have scored 3D visuals that put together a short movie.

In the end, the release party was fit for a perfect Thursday evening in Los Angeles. We can’t wait to do it all again at The Echo in Echo Park, CA.

Listen to the new album ‘Virtual Climax Recording’ here:

Luke Olosky, FestPop Staff Writer

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