Prague’s Magnetic Music Festival Review


Magnetic is a smaller, not-so-popular Electronic Music Festival that takes place in Prague.  Apparently, I just saw online that it now exists in Atlanta, Georgia as well. Magnetic is a one-night rave with a stacked lineup of world famous DJs.   It takes place in a giant arena in the middle of Prague. When I went in 2012, I saw Hardwell, Avicii, Dada Life, LaidBack Luke, and Chuckie.  It was an unbelievable atmosphere.

Let me just reinsure you how much better it is to go to an EDM music festival in Europe.  Having previously raved in North America, Europe and now Asia, the people in Europe are MUCH more energetic, uplifting and into the music.  It’s probably because electronic dance music was born in Europe, and nearly every famous DJ is European.  This music genre is just in their blood, and they know how to have fun.

Magnetic Prague was particularly awesome because it began at 8PM and finished at 8AM.  That is how a rave is suppose to happen!  I was there until the very end, with all of my friends, and we had one of the best nights of our lives. If you ever find yourself in Prague during the summer months, you gotta check out Magnetic Festival because it is just that epic!

What to Expect

Expect the crowd to be a bunch of crazy Europeans, who are on lots of drugs, and going absolutely insane (in a good way).  They really pack in the arena tight, so it’s completely full with thousands and thousands of people. This was probably the most insane crowd that I’ve ever been in.  People were crown surfing, dancing on their head, and going ballistic.  It was pretty crazy.

Expect to be really hot, because there are so many people and there is no air flow.  Just drink lots of water.

Expect to see a lot of drugs.  Be careful. Remember, you are in Europe.

Expect to dance to all your favorite DJs until 8 in the morning!

My Experience

I went to Magnetic Festival when I was studying abroad in Prague in 2012.  It was near the end of my program, so a huge crew of people decided to go and end the semester with a bang.  I think there was like 20 of us that went- all from my study abroad program. At the time of Magnetic Festival was just when I started really getting to the EDM scene.  After living in Prague for a few months and going clubbing every night, I realized how awesome it was to party to dance music.

So, this festival was extra special for me because it was my first EDM festival. We showed up early and stayed until the very VERY end.  The entire night, we were in the very front middle of the crowd.  I don’t think I left at all except to get some water.  It was perfect. All of the DJs were incredible, and they performed one after another.  Back in 2012 was when Avicii hit his peak of popularity, especially with the song “Levels.”  It was insane to see him in that environment in Prague.

At one point during Avicii’s set, I went on my friend’s shoulders and was holding a USA flag behind my back.  It was one of the best moments of my life!  I have a vivid memory of going absolutely crazy. Hardwell, at the time, wasn’t so popular.  All of his big hits hadn’t really come out yet.  But he was still one of my favorite acts of the night.


I really hope to go back to Magnetic Festival the next time I am in Prague.  Nowadays, the festival is getting very popular and bigger every year.  It will be cool to check it out again.

Make Sure You…

  • Are ready to rave until the sun rises
  • Have a meeting spot to find your friends, because it’s easy to get lost
  • Have 100% phone battery before you enter
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Don’t take random drugs from people
  • Have FUN and dance all night
Check out this After-movie of Magnetic 2012!

By Drew Goldberg
FestPop Contributing Writer-South Korea
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