After years and years of scouring the boards of Pinterest for Festival Fashion inspiration, an LA based fashion event production company reads our minds for the need for more accessible festival trend inspo! Last weekend on February 23rd, Raging Runways presented a festival-inspired Fashion Show + Afterparty at the W Hotel in Hollywood, that had both men & women Festies thrilled to start picking out their outfits for the upcoming Festival Season.

Raging Runway’s CEO & Founder, Ali Ricke, along with her small army of young entrepreneurs are connecting designers directly to their consumers with fashion shows that perfectly balance the elegance of a high fashion runway with the free-spirited energy you can find at any music festival across the globe.  Talk about the perfect runway experience for millennials!




This was the fourth sold out fashion show that they’ve put on, and this time they transformed the rooftop of the W Hotel into a “Raging Wonderland.” There was a dazzling over-the-pool, glitter runway that left the audience in awe.  Prior to the main attraction, we were amazed by talented aerial silk performers that brewed up a storm of excitement.





As soon as the show began, it was apparent that this was nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Fiery, diverse models strutted down the runway in beautiful style created by designers like L.O.M (all the way from the UK), Mr. Sequins (also all the way from the UK), Dreamlife & GLOfigure, I Love Russian Roulette, Sultry Affair, Sparkl Fashion, Stardust Love and Rachelle Appelle.  I felt an immediate connection to the runway… I could imagine myself up there on the runway or galavanting around CRSSD Festival, Splash House or Coachella sporting these fierce looks. The true beauty in these Raging Runway events is the relatability factor. Outfits that people would actually wear and would actually purchase!

Guests then had the opportunity to hit the glitter station by Lunautics, shop looks seen on the runway and find their perfect outfit & accessories at a one stop shop! Designers and vendors showcased their rave and festival wear including: vegan leather accessories from Beatrice Holiday, exclusively designed sequence cropped tops from Bexi Apparel, and unique face chains by Knight Beauties.


Knight Beauties

Here are more vendors showcased on the runway: 

Aurora Moon Headwear (from the UK)



BEXI Apparel



It was such a breath of fresh air seeing a production company fearlessly challenging the typically strict standards of the fashion industry and transforming it into a refreshing promotion of body positivity and self-love.  All concepts that have been flooding the festival scene since the beginning of time but had never had an outlet into seep the real world. Raging Runways is this outlet and its revolutionizing how women see themselves … as fierce and raging beauties!





Breann Lange – Festpop Staff Writer

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