Santa Cruz Music Festival Reveals Phase 1 of Lineup

The Santa Cruz Music Festival proudly announced the first wave of their 2017 lineup. The festival, also known as  SCMF, boasts being one of the biggest and most exciting music events in not only the San Francisco Bay Area, but all of Northern California! This year, the festival’s organizers have been busy making the upcoming event, scheduled for February 18-19th, 2017, more epic than ever before. With over 250 acts, performers,and bands set across 15 of downtown’s best venues, the festival promises to deliver a world-class experience for all of its guests.

The Santa Cruz Music Festival Lineup

SCMF revealed its first phase of performances that offer a wonderful variety of music talents, wonderful production value, and sense of community that the festival strives to provide to all of its visitors.  Watch the announcement video below:

The First Wave of Headliners

Louis The Child

Louis the Child has taken the EDM industry by storm.  Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett are the geniuses behind this revolutionary producer and DJ musical duo.  The Chicago natives have sold out clubs across the country on their recent national tour. Additionally, Louis The Child’s new hit single, “It’s Strange,” has taken the dance music scene by storm. The duo’s success is extremely impressive as both members very young: Hauldren is a freshman in college majoring in music while Kennett is still in high school! Louis the Child will complete their national tour in April with the bang at Coachella.
To hear the duo’s sounds, visit  Louis The Child’s SoundCloud.


TroyBoi is one of South East London’s best kept secrets. This extremely talented musician has  recently appeared on the mainstream music scene with a bang. TroyBoi is an artist that masters in a complex and unique style of musical tracks that combine a variety of textures, and genres. He brands his mastermind approach as ‘My Style.” He is definitely an act that cannot be missed as he is one of the biggest names of up-and-coming producers.
To listen to TroyBoi’s unique sound style, visit  TroyBoi’s SoundCloud.

G Jones

The Santa Cruz Music Festival revealed yet another highly anticipated artist, G Jones. This iconic musician is a Santa Cruz native whose innovative sounds has shaken the EDM music scene. Following the steps of legends like Bassnectar and Getter, G Jones offers a wonderfully unique contribution to the music world with slimy and bass heavy tracks. He epitomizes the awesome and quirky culture of Santa Cruz and its music scene. The artist himself even wrote a  biography about his style. He quotes, “Few artist of electron genera sounds quite the same as G Jones. Site influence as Epormm, Bossnector, JD Shadow Carmack, as part as rich music community internet culture, Jones taking to the next sound a sense of fresh breath air.” Clearly, G Jones’ exceptional talent and unique sound promises a fantastic performances that cannot be missed.
To listen to G Jone’s awesome music, visit  G Jones’s SoundCloud.

The Brothers Comatose

Lastly, SCMF revealed Brothers Camatose, a San Francisco and Bay Area treasure. This addition to the lineup is a 5-piece string band. It consists of a talented bass player, two brothers, and even a mandolin! This wonderful combination of musicians specializes in delightful bluegrass, Americana and classic rock. If you are in the mood from some live old school performance, this is a set for you!
 For more information on The Brothers Comatose, visit their website here.

The Santa Cruz Music Festival Commits to Excellence

Like all previous year’s, its organizers also committed to providing the highest quality of music and entertainment. They carefully pick from the international music scene to please the sophisticated tastes of Santa Cruz music fanatics. Additionally, The Santa Cruz Music Festival’s  team continues to pride their festival on its safety, world-class production value, and organization so that everyone can enjoy.
For more information, news. and  updates on this exciting festival, visit the website at

FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk

FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk

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