It’s out, it’s hot, and it doesn’t seem to have many conflicts. Seems strange doesn’t it? Well, maybe not so much. Lollapalooza, the punk-rock gathering that turned into a staple music festival worldwide, is hosting it’s 28th installment this summer. Perry Farrell and his team are pros at planning, booking, and hosting one of the greatest gatherings for music lovers. A few days ago the highly anticipated schedule officially dropped, and attendees scrambled to plan and share the perfect day with their squad.

With scheduling often comes conflict. Sometimes the challenge is between squad members wanting to see different artists playing at the exact same time. Other times it comes down to  artists performing on stages on opposite ends of the festival grounds at the exact same time. Regardless of the challenge it often leaves attendees with a decision to make. If you’re ambitious and logical, you try and split the time as effectively as possible to see everyone you can. You dive deep into the schedule and plan the best route based on which stages are closest, who starts earlier or ends later, who plays before or after, and mathematically calculate if an artist will play your favorite songs at the beginning or the end of their slot time. To say the least it’s not a simple equation.

Photo Courtesy of Official Lollapalooza Facebook Page

I, being the Lollapalooza veteran that I am, take into consideration all factors while planning my perfect 4 days. That is of course after I go through the line-up and add every artist I want to see. Typically, my boyfriend and I have to sit down, compare line ups and map our way so we can knock everyone off our lists.

Not this year though. At least, so it seems…

Let’s admit, everyone is not going to see the same people or at least the same artists that I am but, according to my calculations I anticipate very few conflicts. Could it be that Lollapalooza has finally figured out the mathematical secret to scheduling artists? No, they have just studied their fans and artist trends well which resulted in some expert schedule times.

If you really want to dig and nitpick, you will find a few schedule conflicts here and there. Hozier vs Saba vs RUFUS DU SOL on Thursday (literally at the same time on opposite ends of the park) or Louis The Child vs. Denzel Curry vs. DIESEL on Sunday (if you’re into the rap-EDM vibe like me). Yes there are conflicts but barely as many as I have seen in the past 9 years I have gone. Your headliners will always conflict and there’s no way around that because these artists are huge or finally back after a long hiatus. Some scheduling challenges are just inevitable.

Now, the surprising point of this line-up is that artists you would assume to be headliners aren’t. I’m talking about Lil Wayne, Louis the Child, Janelle Monae, RUFUS DU SOL, and Hozier. Many of these artists have earned their headlining spots or have headlined other top US festivals.

So why not here?

It could be an artist’s personal scheduling issue or the festival just planning ahead. I’m not saying that Lolla should be berated for not giving artists a headlining spot but rather applauding them.

Photo Courtesy of Official Lollapalooza Facebook Page

The festival has booked so many huge artists that they have taken the time to give smaller acts a bigger stage later in the day. Take note Coachella and Bonnaroo. Give your attendees what they want. We all want to see Lil Wayne in his comeback year and Louis the Child in their hometown but do we really want to only see 20 minutes (if that) of each headliner if these two were competing against Tame Impala and Ariana Grande?


So bravo Perry Farrell, maybe more so the scheduling team, for this ridiculously well calculated schedule. For once, in my 10+ years of festing, I finally feel that I don’t have to run from one end to another.

In the off chance you haven’t bought your ticket yet to Lolla, won’t, or can’t make it, you’ll still be able to watch the live stream as always. Youtube newly forged a two-year deal with Lolla to showcase the biggest artists live as well as custom content.

Plan your schedule today online or on the mobile app. August 1st is right around the corner and you don’t want to be scrambling last minute.


Taylor Regulski, Staff Writer and Photographer

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