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Electric Forest

Electric Forest is bringing it’s good vibes and amazing lineup to Rothbury, Michigan for the seventh year. This year is unique in that there will be two weekends of fun, June 22nd – 25th and June 29th – July 2nd. Festpop has covered Electric Forest since 2014 and we’re sure this year will be as spectacular as the others.

The Forest is right up there with EDC, Ultra, and Coachella as one of the top festivals for devoted music lovers. With its curated lineup that is certain to please everyone from headbanger to techno snob and the extensive art installations it brings, Forest should be your pick if you can only make it to one festival this year. I’m going weekend one and personally, I’m looking forward to Big Gigantic, Dillion Francis, Bassnectar, Big Wild, and Odesza. I could keep listing because this lineup is unreal.

Weekend One Lineup

In 2016 alone, I’ve experienced eleven festivals including Ultra, Mysteryland, Camp Bisco, Electric Forest, BPM, Governors Ball, and EDC NY. I know what makes a festival stand out among the rest and Forest is definitely one of my favorite festivals.

Aside from being run well, they create enchanting festival grounds with psychedelic art and interactive pieces. There is a reason people call Electric Forest their home, speak so fondly of their “forest fam”, and their time spent at this festival. The crowd that it attracts is an eclectic group of the nicest people you’ll find, which is why Forest is such an unforgettable experience.

Electric Forest

Being four days, Electric Forest is a demanding festival, so it’s important to stay hydrated and rest as much as you can. I have a Vibedration water pack that I absolutely love and it doubles as a small backpack too. When it comes to pacing oneself keep in mind that the excitement of day one can cause many people to overexert themselves. Even the most experienced festival-goers may find themselves stretched for energy by the last day. It would be disappointing to have to leave a day early because you can’t hang, which is known to have happened in the past. A good way to check in with how your body is doing is to take advantage of the free daily yoga sessions. The sessions are led by the festival every morning at the Tripolee Stage.

Be sure not to overlook the silent disco. It operates with three separate stations, each with a color corresponding to one of three DJs performing simultaneously. Listeners have a switch on their headphones allowing them to cycle between DJs at will. It’s tough to tell what station you’re on so a fun way of determining can be comparing how you’re dancing with other people.

Eco-Friendly Festival

Something I really appreciate about the festival is the effort it makes to foster a sustainable environment through a program they call “Electricology”. Guests are encouraged to recycle with a system of EcoPoints awarded for Good Green deeds. Points can be used to redeem festival swag and win other prizes. The festival is taking place over two weekends this year, meaning more mess. So there is a greater push for people to participate in this program and be mindful of how they treat the festival grounds. The golden rule is: leave it a little better than you found it.

Sherwood Forest

Azita’s Quick Tips

Here are a few more quick tips to make your forest experience the best it can be:

-Electric Forest is a big festival and it’s easy to get lost at the end of the night. A good way to find your campsite in the sea of tents is to set up a unique flag that can be seen from afar.

-When you’re not at your campsite all your valuables should be locked away in your car.

-I’ve made the mistake of not wearing earplugs for so many years. Leaving me with my ears ringing after a festival. I only recently invested in a good pair of earplugs and it makes all the difference. DUBS makes a high-tech reusable pair that allows you to still enjoy the music with clarity without doing damage to your ears. Earplugs are also a great way to ensure a better nights sleep.

-Every morning as the sun rises it will heat up your tent making it uncomfortable to sleep in. To make your sleeping arrangement 10 times more enjoyable, purchase a tent fan. It hangs from the peak of your tent and runs on batteries.

-You would be surprised at how good a shower can make you feel after a day of dancing. In GA camping showers cost $10. To better your chances of getting warm water try going before bed.

-Something I like to do is bring a hand fan to cool myself off while I’m dancing. My special trick is to put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on the fan. This creates a refreshing icy feeling as you fan yourself and as a bonus, it smells great!

-Filling up your cars’ gas tank before you enter the festival is a must. Sometimes the line of cars leaving the festival is so long that it takes hours to get on the road. You don’t want to be the person who’s car runs out of gas in the line to leave. 

-I like to burn a bundle of sage at my campsite. It’s super calming, smells great, and works as a natural insect repellant.

Electric Forest has so much to offer and I can’t recommend it enough. The lineup alone is worth the trip to the forest. Beyond that, the atmosphere, activities, and art are what makes it the perfect festival experience. Weekend one is in less than a month so it’s time to start getting ready. I’ve recently aired out my tent and other supplies to make sure everything is accounted for and in tact.  Around this time I also start planning my outfits. I can’t wait to be surrounded by this magical place and the incredible people it attracts. The Forest is a playground and I hope you find time to explore every inch of it. Make friends with the people around you, be respectful to festival staff, and watch out for one another.

Electric Forest

See you in the Forest!

FestPop Staff Writer, Azita Lotfi
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