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Yet another rave music festival is Sensation.  But this one is slightly different because it is held indoors during one night (as opposed to an entire weekend), and everyone in the crowd MUST dress in white from head to toe. Sensation White originated in the Netherlands in 2000, when it only attracted a mere 20,000 people in front of some local Dutch DJs.  Today, Sensation has spread all the world.   Don’t worry if you can’t make the most popular Sensation in Belgium, because you can attend in Poland, Spain, Austria, Australia, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia, Denmark, Portugal, Serbia, Brazil, Norway, Ukraine, USA, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, and Romania…  And the list is growing fast.


It’s one of the most popular music dance music festivals in the world (especially in Europe).   The lineup is always packed with world famous house and trance DJs. Make sure to dress in all white, or else you won’t be allowed to enter!  The sea of white people together with the all-white decorations is what makes Sensation so incredible and unique. There is also a Sensation Black, which is similar but everyone dresses in all Black.  But, it’s only held in select locations, including Belgium, and the music is much more hardstyle.  I don’t know much about Black other than that.  This post is about Sensation White.

What to Expect

Sensation is pretty intense. It’s for the people who are super into electronic, trance and house music.  Sensation is not one of those places you go if you aren’t fully into the scene.  That being said, expect to see a lot of people dancing like crazy, messed up on drugs, and decked out in white rave gear.

Expect to see crazy white decorations all over the place.  The stage is completely covered in white cloth and design, and every person is wearing white.   It’s a scene unlike anywhere else in the world. Expect to see lots of drugs, just like any other rave.  Be careful.

Expect the music to be heavy trance and house, because that’s how Sensation started.  The DJs that are recruited to play at Sensation are notably more intense than mainstream DJs.  If you don’t like this kind of music, then you might not have fun.

Expect all the beer to be Heineken.  They are the #1 sponsor of Sensation and they supply all of the beer.  It’s also quite expensive (as you may expect), so drink lots before you go!  There are also Red Bull and Vodka tents everywhere. Expect to have fun!

My Experience

I went to Sensation Korea in December 2013 with a bunch of my friends. It was held at the Ilsan Kintex Stadium, which is a giant indoor arena.  I wasn’t expecting it to be that big, because it was the first time Sensation came to Asia, but I was proven wrong!! There were tens of thousands of people there, that were all looking to rave the night away.

My favorite part was the responsive light-up Heineken wrist bands that they gave to every person in the crowd.  I’m not sure if they do this at other Sensations, but the one in Korea was amazing.  Every time a big beat dropped, the wrist bands sensors picked up the vibration from the bass, and they would light up green!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the decorations on the stage.  The white curtains somehow blocked part of the stage, so I couldn’t always see what was happening.  I had to be standing in the front middle to see the DJ.  Also, they blocked off some of the room on the dance floor, so it was hard to find a spot.  Again, this is just my experience at Sensation Korea, so unless you are going to this one, then don’t worry about it :D The music was awesome.  My favorite DJs were Mark Knight and Dannic.   I danced pretty hard all night!


DJ Mark Knight

I met some awesome friends at Sensation that I am still good friends with today.  That’s one of the best parts about going to raves, is meeting the awesome people.  Everyone is always so friendly and are there for the pure enjoyment of having fun.  No hate, no crime- just gooooood vibes.

The night ended a little early when my friends got too drunk and I had to take them home.. But nonetheless, Sensation was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back in a different city (hopefully Belgium next time)!

Make Sure You…

  • Wear ALL white from head to toe (except shoes)
  • Like Heineken beer, or else drink heavily before you go
  • Have a meeting spot to find your friends, because it’s easy to get lost/confused in the sea of white
  • Have 100% phone battery before you enter
  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Don’t take random drugs from people
  • Have FUN and dance all night
Check out this Awesome After Movie of Sensation Korea 2012!

By Drew Goldberg
FestPop Contributing Writer-South Korea
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