Copenhagen’s Be Svendsen is set to release his ‘Day 3‘ EP this June 28th, on Music For Dreams with 3 different versions ready to ignite the dance floor. His musical creations have yet again, displayed his talent and impressive levels of production, as he fuses instruments and beats into glorious symphony. The EP features a ‘Dark Matter’ mix of the single, which will keep the dance floor vining, along with a Radio edit and the album version, which are both equally delightful and musically satisfying.

Having just embarked on a world-wide tour in support of his ‘Between A Smile and A Tear’ album, Svendsen has left a trail of his magic behind in each city, as his live performances are truly spectacular. If you get the chance to see him perform live, don’t miss out! Svendsen wraps up his world tour with final dates in Scorpios [Mykonos], Island Groove [Thasos], Gardens of Babylon [Basel], After Brunch [Madrid], Open Air [Stockholm], and finally Fushion Festival [Germany].

To listen to more of Be Svendsen’s music, you can stream his full album on Spotify.

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