Boutique Music Festival Splash House Delivers Big

The Splash House delivers big with Boutique Music Festival

What sells any music festival is the experience. Once we are hooked we make a music festival a part of the fabric our lives each year. This is my second year and I’m going to ride this music festival experience until the wheels fall off. The best part is I get a second dose in August. What makes Sun Splash special is of course is the music but also the community of like minded fest goers as well as the host city-Palm Springs. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I’m going to cut this short and share our favorite Splash House pics. Enjoy!

Guest must be 21+  Weekend festival tickets start at $95.  Two-night Air Museum passes start at $30.  Travel packages are available at The Saguro and Riviera Resort & Spa starting at $200 per person; all packages include weekend tickets and hotel accommodations.

Save the Dates:  August 12-14

Visit for more information.


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