Top 5 Alternative Music Festivals In 2021

Alternative Music Festivals

Alternative music speaks to the soul of every human being. 

It speaks of freedom, self-worthiness, alienation, understanding, love, and identity. Many people choose to listen to it for exactly these reasons. 

Alternative music has more meaning than your typical pop songs. Lately, hip-hop is joining that non-meaningful music category, so music enthusiasts are left with nothing but alternative music as their option. 

Here are some of your top go-to alternative music festivals that will take place in 2021.

McDowell Mountain Music Festival in Phoenix, Arizona

Dates: March 5-6, 2021 

This festival takes place in the United States, more exactly, in Arizona. It is a great place to celebrate alternative music and multicultural bonding. The festival features engaging performances and really cool artists each year. 

This festival is a charity-based event, meaning that it was found with the mission of giving back to the community. The festival started with 2,000 fans attending and has grown to 25,000 people per year. The atmosphere and setup are really friendly- you’ve got people sitting on lawn chairs, a rather sizeable stage, and great cooking all around you. Besides, everything you spend here goes to charity, which is great motivation to eat well. 

Heartland Festival in Denmark

Dates: May 27-29, 2021

The Heartland festival is another must-go-to if you’re in love with alternative music. It takes place at the Egeskov Castle in Denmark, which is less than 2 hours away from Denmark. People of all ages attend this event, so you can be sure to find friends easily. 

The festival welcomes more than 200,000 guests each year, from many countries in the world. It features live music, lots of great artists, amazing chefs, and speakers. The festival’s location is stunning, since the castle features classical Renaissance architecture and friendly parks. The quality of the music combined with its location and of course, people, form a striking community. Heartland is really the place to go to if you want to have some fun, listen to some great music, make some new friends, and taste delicious food in a European country.

Down the Rabbit Hole Festival in The Netherlands

Dates: July 2-4, 2021

They have many tickets on sale now, so buy now if you want a cheaper option. This festival features amazing, unique experiences that will truly surprise you. You could think that the Down the Rabbit Hole Festival is a gateway for awesome experiences, surrealism, psychedelics, and adventure. As many of the festival’s essay writing service reviews agree, the music promotes the pop culture of the 1960s, and the good company is really hard to ignore. Here, you can be yourself by dancing, hustling, relaxing, and finding magic wherever you go.

North by Northeast (NXNE) in Toronto, Canada

Dates: June 11-20, 2021

Have you ever heard of a music and gaming festival – combined? Because this is exactly what NXNE is. The festival features music showcases panels, installations, parties, and much more. The festival is quite long and takes place in Toronto, Canada. The center of the party takes place in Yonge Dundas Square, right in the center of the city. The other music venues will be held at the airport, on streetcars, in parks throughout the city, and on a ferry boat.

Some of the most popular artists who’ve played at NXNE include Billy Talent, Spoon, Jazz Cartier, Future Islands, etc. You can buy a really cheap ticket that will get you access to all the venue concerts and take part in other programs that will make you smile. NXNE features live comedy programs and other great shows worth checking out. 

Body and Soul Festival in Ireland

Dates: June 19-21, 2021

Body and Soul festival in Ireland is not as much about the line-up as it is about the community. Their philosophy is developing the music scene in a way that inspires people and artists worldwide. The festival is continuously searching for new talents, with its end goal being promoting new artists. The festival combines music with arts and culture, well-being, food and drink, promoting sustainability, family, and a camping-based lifestyle. 

The highlights of this festival are the immersive art installations, the mind-blowing workshops, the soothing hot tubs, and gastronomic experiences, the thought-provoking discussions, and the amazing performances. 

Wrapping Up

Alternative music fits every scenario and relaxes you in no time. It sounds good, features a good message, and is unique in its own special way. If you want to listen to more live alternative music, sign up for the festivals above and have the experience of a lifetime. 

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