I couldn’t be more proud to say: I went to Glastonbury!!!

This is one of the best experiences you could live in a lifetime. Imagine 180.000 people dressed as brides, Halloween costumes and whatever you can imagine. It’s just like people went to their grandmother’s closets and got the worst clothes ever so that they could use it for the weekend.

It is hard to describe the crowd at Glastonbury, there is no target age or gender or background, you can find people from all over the world with all sorts of jobs and any kind of income, you can find doctors, professors, students and so on, everyone is up for a party and experience something different for a weekend every year. I know of people that have been to a Glastonbury every year since they were born!

Most people know the facts about Glastonbury, it will get muddy and messy and you shouldn’t take your good phone or good clothes with you because the chances of it getting wet are very big.

And let’s get something straight.. Glastonbury has the best line-up in the world, no matter what festival we may talk about, this is a festival with 56 stages (I may have lost count) and with every single different band you can imagine, I mean while Rolling Stones are playing you may have Fat Boy Slim, The XX, Plan B or The Pixies playing at the exact same time, I know it´s a tough call so in my opinion you shouldn’t try and plan what you want to see that much because the chances are that you will end up by a stage that has some great artists on.

Also keep in mind that once at Glastonbury you stay at Glastonbury, it is massive and it takes hours to go anywhere but everything you need they have it. It can get cold or hot or rainy so be ready for all of them and be safe.

Register well in advance because this festival sells out in seconds every single year. But it´s an experience of a lifetime believe me!

Just book a flight to Heathrow and then get a train from central London or from the airport to Glastonbury and camp once you arrive, Easy!

If you have the time then go to London and experience even weirdest places and food at Camden town where you can get the most alternative clothes and records or if you are feeling vintage then go to Portobello Market and buy some trendy and hipster memorabilia from London. If you feel like a proper tourist then don’t forget to go to Piccadilly Circus before going home and of course have an English Breakfast before leaving!


Eva Criner Da Cunha

Eva currently works as a festival coordinator at Firebrand Live UK offices and runs Forbidden Merch based in Portugal

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