FestPop’s Favorite Festivals Pt.1

In an industry saturated with music festivals, it can be difficult to find which ones are worth your investment. The decision to purchase tickets to a festival you have never been to before relies on several factors, such as word-of-mouth and media reviews (ahem, FestPop). FestPop is combining these two factors to help you with your decision-making, so don’t let the insecurity of being outside your comfort zone or cost of the trip outweigh what’s really important about music festivals: the experience. Here are some of FestPop’s Favorite Festivals, as suggested by our staff writers and editors.


Photo Credits: Coachella

team 1 Elmer Dulla: “My favorite things about Coachella [Read FestPop’s Travel Guide to Coachella here] are the guest appearances that come out on stage. You never know who will pop out for a song and it definitely ignites the crowd. My best memories are usually the first day of Coachella when all of my friends, who haven’t seen each other since the last Coachella, from all over the world meet at the house to create new memories in Indio. Everything in between day 1 and 3 will always be priceless memories. Of course, the last day when everyone goes their way is almost the most powerful moment of the festival.”

Fitz Maro: “ I love the end of each day [Coachella], when everyone is so tuckered out and migrating in the glow of the lights and palm frees. The 2nd night of 2014, I danced in the grass alone as my friends watched from afar. “What are you thinking right now Fitz?,” my friend Catherine asked me. “That this is the happiest place in the world right now!” I told her. “Really?” … “Yeah! Think about it!”


Photo Credit: EDC Orlando, Insomniac Events

team 1Audrie McCaulet: “EDC [Las Vegas] is life changing. The community of festival goers is unlike any other! Seeing the sunrise after being up all night surrounded by likeminded individuals filled with love is indescribable. I looked around during the last set early in the morning and it took my breath away; the views, the DJ’s, and my friends made it the perfect night. I felt blessed in that moment to experience EDC 2014!” [Read FestPop’s review of EDC Las Vegas here.]


Photo Credit: Chris Hong

team 1

Fitz Maro: “The whole ambiance of Mysteryland [USA] was pretty incredible. I was really surprised with how much of a hill the Woodstock’s old grounds were, and it added to the surprise. The walkway through the festival was lined with neat little art installations, shops, and of course, festival goers. It felt like you weren’t navigating just the X-axis of the space, but also the Y – it added a layer of complexity that I’ve never experienced before. Bonus: if you’re looking to catch a show but not get in the thick of it, you can post up on the hills in the back of a venue and catch it all!”


The Dome Stage and Art Installations
The Dome Stage and Art Installations

Aaron Austin: “Art Outside [Read FestPop’s Art Outside Review here] is an amazing festival because of all the incredible live paintings and art installations in such an awesome location. The unique lineup of artists and performances combined with the great camping experience that Apache Pass has to offer makes AO one of the best family-friendly festivals in the nation.”

team 1Karli Jaenike: “Art Outside is an extremely intimate festival. Every single attendee has the opportunity to participate in creating the art. Whether they’re wearing a crazy costume, interacting in a workshop or making an impromptu painting next to a stage, everyone helps create the awesome atmosphere.”




Photo Credit: BottleRock
Photo Credit: BottleRock

team 1BottleRock is a wonderful festival because it takes place in Napa Valley and, so the best wine and food in the country are available to consume while watching legendary artists play their classic hits. Coachella is more than a music festival: it a moment that defines our culture throughout history each year.”




team 1Suzanne Ledford: “There are so many things to love about TomorrowWorld [Read FestPop’s Review of TomorrowWorld here]. I love that the camping area has different options; there is Dreamville, easy tents and cabins. If you aren’t wild about camping, the cabins are a great option so you don’t have to worry about transportation to and from the festival each day. I loved camping because it was a great way to make new friends, bond with people and you never have to leave the festival for 5 days! It’s like we are in another magical world for 5 days! The stages and production of the entire festival are amazing. The stages are shipped from Belgium, which made it feel as if we were at Tomorrowland, which is held in Boom, Belgium. The vibe of this festival is incredible. Everywhere you go, you will experience a new journey. When crossing the bridge to go to go to other stages, we got to meet new people and experience the beauty surrounding us. Everything we needed was there at TomorrowWorld so there is no reason to leave until the festival comes to an end. But then there is next year!”

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