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The second annual Life is Beautiful Festival set to hit downtown Las Vegas Oct. 24-26 is sure to shake up the entertainment capital of the world with an all-encompassing music, art, food and education experience. The infamous desert city is known for its unapologetic 24-hour escapades with an energy that breeds freedom and fun, making it a natural setting for festivals all year round.

Life is Beautiful’s organizers aim to transform the perspective people have on daily life beyond the event with an uber positive spin on self-awareness and global pursuits. They accomplish this through an online community (lifeisbeautiful.com) and the culmination of their efforts at the Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas.

If the uniqueness of the festival’s philosophy isn’t convincing enough, the lineup and festivities are sure to do the trick. Among others, Kanye West, the Arctic Monkeys, TV on the Radio, and a Cirque du Soleil performance top the lineup; Pussy Riot and Penn & Teller are two of dozens of lecturers; and celebrity chefs Cat Cora and Duff Goldman are among fifty presenting food vendors. Conquer your fears, chase your dreams and enjoy three days of amazing music, world-class food, iconic public speakers and phenomenal art!


  • Clothing: The best time to party in the desert is when it is cold everywhere else. Las Vegas can expect high 80’s during the day on Friday the 24th but fall down to almost too perfect high 70’s on Sunday the 26th. Evenings are sure to cool to light coat or sweater temperatures. This looks like an opportunity to get one more weekend of summer fest fashion out of your system and don’t forget the shades. Stay cool, look chic and turn some heads!
  • Schedule: The official schedule has already been released as well as an app for the event so you have no excuse not to prepare which artists, performances and speakers you don’t want to miss beforehand. The official schedule can be viewed here: http://lifeisbeautiful.com/friday-october-24th/
  • Miscellaneous: Mid-sized backpacks and bags are allowed and it’s always a good idea to bring one along. Use it to stuff a light jacket and an eco-friendly reusable (and empty) water bottle in. Up to two factory-sealed bottles of water are allowed per person as well. Flags and various totems that “aren’t on poles” are allowed and very functional as well as blankets for crowds that like to sit and chill. Glow sticks are permitted as well and those are just for fun. You CAN’T bring your GoPro pole, large bags or lazers.

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  •  Transportation: The festival will take place in downtown Las Vegas, north of the Strip which means the party doesn’t have to stop when the event ends. Casinos will be just as close as your hotel is sure to be. Las Vegas Blvd. will take anyone coming from any direction to the venue, but there are a few key ways the organizers suggest traveling to the event:
  1. PARK AND RIDE: Festival parking will be available at World Market Center. Everyone in the vehicle will need a Park & Ride pass which includes shuttle rides to the festival.
  2. SHUTTLE: Shuttle pickup will be at The LINQ valet located next to the High Roller Ferris wheel.
  3. CAR SERVICE: Car services will drop and pickup passengers from Carson Avenue and 6th St at the venue. Taxis are abundant in Las Vegas and either hailed on the street or called through your hotel. Uber, the ridesharing mobile app, is also operating in Las Vegas, but Lyft and other competitors are not.
  • Migration: The entrances to the festival are located on Fremont Street between 6th Street and 7th Street and on 7th Street between Carson Avenue and Fremont Street. Re-entry will be permitted! A map of the event has not been released but it should be fairly easy to navigate. The event is taking place on a 15-block area composed mostly of asphalt that is very easy to access.


  • Grills & Guitars: The festival’s official food-centered kickoff party on Thursday, Oct. 23 from 7pm-10pm at Gold Spike is a unique aspect of the festival and a great way to start the weekend with some good eats. This twist on the traditional backyard barbecue offers attendees a culinary treat with prolific chef interactions and live music performances. Tickets are inclusive of all food and beverage and can be purchased at: http://www.lifeisbeautiful.com/tickets

Life is Beautiful Grills Guitars

  • Culinary Village: This area full of delicious bites from notable eateries and famous Las Vegas chefs will stand apart from the event’s music layout. The single village from last year will be broken down into four mini villages spread further apart and a fifth area will be marked as a beer garden.
  • Food Flash Mobs: The organizers have planned an exciting culinary surprise for attendees involving spontaneous moments where pop-up eateries appear out of nowhere offering bites hawked by celebrity chefs. Be on the lookout!
  • All of the participating food vendors can be found at: http://lifeisbeautiful.com/vendors/
  • Full vendor menus can be found at: http://lifeisbeautiful.com/eat-festival/


  • Street Art: Downtown Las Vegas is a burgeoning art scene and Life is Beautiful embraces that image by directly collaborating to the city’s best street artists. Weeks before the festival, artists work to transform walls and sides of buildings that will serve to decorate the interior of the festival grounds.

Life is Beautiful Street Art

  •  Art-tales: Curated by President of the Las Vegas Art Museum, Patrick Duffy, Art-tales will emerge as a multi-faceted, collaborative experience including sensual installations by both local and international artists. Concepts will center on themes of love, equality and family in an immersive experience that cannot be missed.
  • Learning: Life is Beautiful is just as much about enjoying the music, food and art of Las Vegas as it is about gaining knowledge on key issues and discovering a deeper side of oneself. The organizers have lined up dozens of presenters who will lead TED Talks-style sessions on an array of topics ranging from anti-bullying, self-discovery, tech entrepreneurship and politics. Presenters will come as CEOs, inspirational speakers, sports professionals, renowned reporters and social activists. Find a complete list of speakers at: http://lifeisbeautiful.com/2014-speakers/


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