TBD Fest, formerly known as Launch, is coming to the Sacramento riverfront near Raley Field this weekend from October 3-5. Since 2007 Launch has been an influential creative force in Sacramento, showcasing and celebrating local art, music, food, design and architecture each year. Now at its biggest and best yet, TBD Fest is attracting widespread attention as a rivaling 3-day festival with a talent-stacked lineup. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this groundbreaking experience and be sure to prepare for the trip with the help of FestPop’s official TBD Fest Travel Guide. 


  • Clothing: The Central Valley is California’s hottest region and festivalgoers can expect temperatures well into the 90’s in the Golden State’s capital that weekend. Dress comfortably and light, but without compromising fashion of course. For the men, a cool print button-down short-sleeved shirt is always favorable with choice of shorts or pants. Ladies, break out that favorite summer dress one more time or that boots and high waisted shorts combo you always second-guess but wear anyway. Shades are a necessity, open-toed shoes will work, and hats are a compelling option. Bring a light jacket or pullover for the evening.
  • Schedule: Since it doesn’t seem like Launch is releasing an app for TBD Fest this year, scheduling your faves will have to be done the old fashioned way with pen and paper. Prepare early by printing the schedule and marking who you want to see and when or simply make mental notes and be sure to grab a schedule first then when entering the event on Friday. The lineup stacked with recognizable names, but you’re bound to have time early in the day and in between your scheduled acts to see a performance you’re less familiar with. The TBD Fest website conveniently features bios and a music video for every artist – research some new music beforehand and find a new favorite to see live!


  • Miscellaneous: It’s a good idea to bring a backpack – perhaps only one per group of about three people – equipped with jackets/sweaters and (empty) water bottles. It is going to be HOT and you will be thirsty. Think ahead and be environmentally conscious by bringing your own beverage container (no glass!). As far as various permissible and forbidden items, Launch will be emailing out an official list of rules and regulations close to the event.


  • Transportation: Anyone going to TBD fest from any direction will have the easiest time taking I-5 (from north and south) or I-80 (from east and west). Be sure to plug in ‘Raley Field’ as your destination for online directions, which is right next to the festival location and where car parking will be. There should be plenty of parking for everyone attending, but Launch is encouraging carpools, biking and walking as more environmental alternatives. Bike parking will be provided INSIDE the venue as well. Parking prices are not listed, but there will most likely be a charge. Forget about parking at all with rideshare services like Lyft and UberX, recently established in the Sacramento area. Additionally, the train and bus stations are within a 15 minute walk from TBD Fest for those considering ditching personal vehicles altogether.
  • Migration: Since the festival is a revamp and at a new location, moving around within the venue grounds can’t really be determined beforehand but the layout map looks like a clear straight-shot and easy to navigate. Guests enter from Riverfront Street, smack dab in the middle of the layout with a choice to go left toward the Lowbrau Stage, straight ahead to the Block Stage, or right toward the concessions and Beautiful Buzz stage. The crowd size should be reasonable and easy to move through as well.



 Artisanal Pavilion: Farm-to-Fork and Metro EDGE will be featuring a marketplace called the Artisanal Pavilion that will feature a farmers market, and a craft beer and cocktail garden. Support local, eat healthy, get tipsy!

  • Friendly Fire: A head-to-head cook-off battle between notable Sacramento chefs will take place in The Pit, a wood-fired cooking demonstration zone, each day at the Artisanal Pavilion. Chefs will each prepare 350 bite-sized portions of a specialty meal for festivalgoers to sample and then vote on for a winner. This is a MUST for anyone at TBD Fest and the most anticipated non-music event of the weekend.

TBD Fest The Pit


 Fun: Giggle & Riot photo booths are a wacky/nerdy hipster on Instagram’s dream and will (most likely) be at TBD Fest! Be sure to stop by and capture a very curated, very photogenic picture alone or with a group and definitely with some crazy props! Giggle & Riot are listed as partners for the festival but details about their explicit involvement are unavailable.

  • Recreation: Carnival Rides! TBD Fest will be featuring a full and functional Ferris wheel and swing ride to break up your day on your feet! Lines may be lengthy but well worth the wait for a bit of a thrill!
  • TBD Yoga: TBD Fest will be hosting Morning Yoga on the Main Stage each day before the music starts from 10:00-11:30. Suggested donation of $5 to benefit Yoga Across America. Arrive 30 minutes before the 10:00 or 10:45 sessions to guarantee a spot and RSVP at http://tbdfestyoga.splashthat.com/.

TBD Fest Yoga


  • The Art: Just to the right of the entrance will feature an exhibition that will surely carry some of the best local talent Sacramento has to offer. Don’t miss this visual experience!
  • Shopping: Every good festival features a shopping center full of coveted items that are hard to find anywhere else. TBD Fest is no exception. Showcasing a handful of vendors including Good Stock Co. clothing of downtown Sacramento, you’re sure to walk away with that one special TBD Fest item.


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[Photo Cred: Sactown Magazine, TBD Fest, Piece O’ Cake]

Written by FestPop Senior Music Editor 
Edward Heinrich
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