Seven Tricks to Make Your Music Festival Camping Experience Smoother

Seven Tricks to Make Your Music Festival Camping Experience Smoother
Seven Tricks to Make Your Music Festival Camping Experience Smoother

It’s already time to start planning summer music festivals for next summer as the early bird tickets go on sale. Festivals are an amazing time that you’ll remember forever, but you also need to plan for it so you can enjoy it to its fullest, especially if it’s your first festival. You need to think about what you want to pack for it, how to stay cool if it’s really hot, how to stay dry if you’re unlucky with the weather, what the camping facilities will be like, how to protect yourself and your belongings, and much more. To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of festival camping hacks to make your life much easier.

1. Hang a Balloon Above Your Tent

Music festivals will often have seas of tents in row by row that will end up all looking alike in a large muddy field. It can become really easy to forget where your tent is, especially if there’s no visual cues nearby to remember where you were. As per Nicole Frasier, a music blogger at Essay Services and Essayroo, “one great solution is to get an inflated, helium balloon, and clip it to the top of the tent. Make sure to get a fun, colorful one that you can see from a distance.”

2. Stay Cool

It’s crucial to be cool and hydrated during a festival, especially as you’ll be surrounded by thousands of people in potentially sweltering temperatures. You’ll want to drink a lot of water, and even more if you’re drinking alcohol. If you have a cooler, keep some items in there for relief, like a spray bottle with eucalyptus oil and water, a deodorant, baby wipes, a cool towel for your neck. Take some time to cool down your face and neck and you’ll feel like a whole new, fresh person even after spending hours of sun.

3. Use an Inflatable Open Cooler

Jonathan Woods, a writer at State Of Writing and Boomessays, shares his top tip with his readers for festival camping tricks and suggestions: “Use a pool inflatable as a cooler so you can keep your main cooler closed and the ice intact. This allows you to keep drinks cold and others cool, when people are reaching for drinks all the time.”

4. Use a Pool Float for Air Mattress

If you’re already getting inexpensive pool floats, you could get one that doubles as an air mattress for your tent. You should assume that any nice air mattress that you bring may get damaged, food spills, or tears, so you want to use a cheap mattress that you’re okay tossing in the trash when you’re done with the festival. The same goes for a lot of the clothes you’ll be wearing and shoes. The reality is that even if it doesn’t rain, festival grounds become muddy pits after a few days of people tramping up and down, and quite dusty.

5. Get a Hanging Organizer

If you’re camping with a lot of friends and sharing a big tent with people, your belongings will probably all get mixed up and you risk losing precious money, medicine, or phone chargers. Put a hanging organizer in your tent to get easy access to your small valuables. You can get a shoe organizer from a dollar store to use for this purpose.

6. Shampoo Necklaces for On-the-Go Showers

If you’re camping at a festival, you’ll be lucky to get a shower, or get much time in one. Instead of juggling your soap and shampoo or dropping your toiletry bag in the mud, get shampoo and soap on a rope. You can tie your travel size containers of shampoo to a rope or lanyard, and everyone around you will be praising your cleverness!

7. Build a DIY Lantern

You can create an easy DIY lantern by wrapping a headlamp around a water jug. The point of music festival camping is to pack as few things as possible so you’re traveling light and not losing anything. Instead, your DIY lantern doubles as a jug of hydrating water during the day and lights up your campsite in the evenings.

Aimee Laurence, a tutor with Custom Research Paper and Assignment Help, shares her travel and lifestyle suggestions with her readers. She loves music festivals and spends her summers hopping from one to another. Aimee also works for Thesis Writing Service as a freelancer working on HR assignments.

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