Top 10 Essentials for a Festival Cruise

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There is nothing as awesome as celebrating a festival on a cruise ship. You get the opportunity to interact with different people from all over the globe. If you are one who loves making new friends, then this is the right opportunity. But to make the festival more fun, you need to get the best festival gear. Otherwise, you’ll miss a lot, and the event might be incomplete without these ten crucial cruise ship essentials.

Power bank

Nowadays we tag along with our electronic gadgets everywhere we go. After some time, the gadgets go off and need to be powered up to operate. In a cruise ship set up, many people may want to charge their phones, cameras, and other important electric gadgets. This means that the recharging sockets in the cruise ship will be busy and you’ll hardly find any space to charge your electronic gadgets. It is therefore wise to carry a power bank that you will use to boost up your power when it goes below the required limit. Also, it might be unsafe to leave your gadget unattended to because some people come to the cruise festivals with bad intention. Get yourself a power bank from a reputable dealer before getting on that cruise ship for a good time.


It would be unfair if you wouldn’t have any pictures to record some wonderful memories. Pictures paint memories that words cannot. Get yourself a camera to take pictures and record videos of your cruise ship adventure. You can later use these pictures and videos to create a vlog post and share it with your close family and friends. Nowadays, people want proof of how awesome your adventure might have been, and there is no better way of showing that by the use of pictures and videos. You can find pocket-friendly cameras at your favorite retail shops. Ensure that you pick a high-quality camera that will be used to record epic memories.


Shades stand out and give a satisfying complimentary look. Besides, most cruise ship events are hosted during summer, and therefore you’ll need the shades for sun safety. Remember to carry, a sunglasses bag that you’ll use to keep the shades when you are not using them. Don’t just pick any sunglasses because some of them are not for the eyes. Some manufacturers don’t emphasize the lenses of the shades, and this might cause costly damage to your eyes. Buy shades from reputable dealers who have a proven track. Otherwise, you’ll come out of the cruise ship event with itchy eyes.

LED Accessories

A cruise ship evening party isn’t complete without rocking in some LED accessories. There is a variety of those ranging from gloves, light-up shoelaces, and glowing LED wires. These accessories can complement your overall look at the cruise ship event. They are particularly amazing when the lights in the event are switched off as it gives you the perfect moment to glow up in your outfit. Be sure to get these LED accessories for a fun-filled cruise ship festival.

Baby Wipes

Most party lovers often underestimate the importance of baby wipes. Many people attend cruise ship events. As the party goes on, they get sweaty and a little messed up. You should, therefore, carry baby wipes to keep you safe from germs and diseases. Personally, I don’t use cruise bathrooms unless I have my baby wipes. It saves me a lot.

Waterproof Rain Poncho

You are attending your scheduled cruise ship party. But have you checked on the weather updates? I have been in several situations where I had ignored the weather forecast; only to be rained while partying at the cruise ship deck. I learned my lesson the hard way, and therefore, I usually carry waterproof rain poncho whenever I go to cruise ship events. You can get the rain poncho at your favorite retail shop at affordable prices. Ensure that it is puffy to keep you warm in extreme weather conditions.

Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen lotion protects your skin from any damage caused by excess UV rays. Different manufacturers offer sunscreen products at standard prices. You’ll need to apply the sunscreen lotion when you are basking in the sun after busy cruise ship party. The feeling is refreshing and makes the whole event complete. However, ensure that you are not allergic to the ingredients that have been used to make the sunscreen lotions. Contact your doctor to know the best sunscreen lotions that you can use.

Hydration Pack

You need to stay hydrated for the cruise ship festival. Get yourself a hydration pack that fits your budget. Sometimes, getting clean water in cruise ship events may be challenging due to a large number of people who are attending the festival. It is, therefore, crucial to carry a hydration pack to get access to clean treated water during the cruise ship festival.

Some nice Kicks

Remember, you are going to meet different people from around the globe and thus first self-impression matters a lot. This is so, especially to gents. Ladies say that can know how a guy treats his woman depending on the type of kicks that he wears. So, fellas, get yourself some nice kicks from reputable dealers.


After a long day of celebration, you’ll need some time alone to cool down and sleep. You can’t sleep on the clothes that you used to rock the cruise ship festival. Come one! Get yourself some wonderful pajamas for a complimentary night at the cruise ship.

Cruise ship festivals such as Groove Cruise and It’s the Ship are very fulfilling, and you should purpose to attend one if you haven’t done so in the past. Get yourself the cruise ship essentials mentioned above to make the event more exciting.

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