Ultra Worldwide Announces Australia Date and Venue

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Next year, ULTRA Worldwide will be hitting Melbourne, Australia. The iconic Sidney Myer Bowl will present ROAD to ULTRA Australia on February 24, 2018. Registration for tickets will open July 30. Make sure to add that date to the calendar. Only those that register will be able to purchase tickets when they go on sale.

The global music event will be making its debut just a few short weeks before the twentieth anniversary in Miami. The venue has a history of presenting famous artists such as ABBA, Bob Dylan, Daft Punk and Sir Paul McCartney. With this reputation, Australians will be looking forward to yet another memorable music event to add to the venue’s history.

About 10,000 Ultranauts are expected to attend the music event at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The venue, which was specifically picked for its central location, is by the Yarra River and offers sensational views of the Melbourne skyline. The main stage will be built underneath the Bowl’s canopy. The Road to ULTRA is working hard to build one of their most creative stage designs yet.  

Road to ULTRA events are single-stage events and strive to maintain the same goal as ULTRA Worldwide festivals. Remarkable visuals, lighting, kryogenics and pyrotechnics are a priority to all ULTRA events within its stage production. ULTRA brands works with their creative team to build stages that adapt to both indoor and outdoor venues.

The artist lineup for Road to ULTRA Australia will be released within the upcoming months. In the meantime, ULTRA fans can look forward to two full-scale, multi-stage festivals in Sydney and Melbourne in 2019.

Ultra Australia

Check out ULTRA Australia’s social media for further information: ULTRA Australia, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



FestPop Staff Writer, Katy Loesch

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