Visitors Enjoy Incredible Kaaboo Festival

The Kaaboo Music festival, which took place on September 17-19 in the beautiful city of San Diego, provided visitors with an amazing and memorable experience. With an outstanding lineup of artists from an incredibly diverse range of genres. Whether guests wanted to chill to smooth vibes, enjoy a booming rock concert, or range to some of the best electric dance musicians in the industry, there was something for everyone.

Our team at FestPop were lucky members of the crowd. We enjoyed everything the festival had to offer. Not only did we enjoy the amazing music, but also the delicious assortment of food and wonderful comedy acts.

Although Kaaboo was offered an unbeatable experience, one thing that was incredibly special and wonderfully noticeable was that the festival’s guests were from an impressive age range. Generation X’s were rocking out with their millennial kids.  Some baby boomers were even spotted in the crowd, smiling to the sweet melodies next to teens and 20-somethings.



Kaaboo’s Music Blew Our Minds

Although every musical set at this year’s Kaaboo got rave reviews from all attendees, time did not permit us to enjoy every performance. However, despite our limited time, we still managed to enjoy the shows of musicians from an impressive variety of genres.


One of our favorite performances from the weekend was Aerosmith’s set. Of course, with the Steven Tyler’s legendary vocals leading the iconic band, there was no possible way the band could disappoint. They of course exceeded our high expectations, playing their classics as the audience sang along.

The enormous crowed Aerosmith attracted made their performance especially memorable for our team and visitors alike.  The booming performances had college students swaying along with their parents who listened to the same tracks when they were their kids’ ages. As the band hit legendary status as early as the 1970’s and remains one a favorite for all generations, this assortment of ages was no surprise.

Aerosmith getting their rock on

Aerosmith getting their rock on


Lenny Kravitz

Our team, along with people from all ages, were blown away given by Lenny Kravitz and his fellow guitarist, Craig Ross. Also joining the stage were backup singers, brass horns, a bassist, drums, and bongos.  These artists are legendary for their outstanding performances, and their set at Kaaboo was no exception. The funky, jazzy, soulful, and rock art these musicians played will be memorable for years to come.

Lenny Kravitz blowing the audience away with his performance

Lenny Kravitz blowing the audience away with his performance


The Chainsmokers

A younger audience got the opportunity to listen to one of EDM’s and worldwide superstars, The Chainsmokers, play their heavy beats and catchy hooks. Famous for their unbelievable concerts, the duo EDM impressed those familiar with their amazing reputation. Giant screens displayed colorful and hypnotizing graphics as the crowd jumped and dance in excitement with the raging beats.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers


From yet another genre, the FestPop team enjoyed the alternative-pop sounds of Echosmith. Named as one of 2015’s biggest breakout acts by Jimmy Fallon, their pleasant melodies brought pleasantly calming yet exciting sounds to its audience. They played their hit single, “Cool Kids” which is an anthem for every generation along with some of their other hits. Echosmith’s performance was definitely a crowd pleaser with their laid back yet catchy melodies.

Lead singer of Echosmith, Sydney Grace Ann Sierota

Lead singer of Echosmith, Sydney Grace Ann Sierota

Even More at Kaaboo

Aerosmith’s hard rock sounds, Lenny Kravitz’s soulful funk sounds, The Chainsmoker’s EDM raging beats, and Echosmith’s chill pop tunes were not the only examples of genres represented at the festival. Kaaboo’s guests also has the opportunity to listen to hip-hop legends such as Ludacris and Flo Rida, the indie/alternative melodies of such as Grouplove, and reggae icons such as Rebolution and Steel Pulse, and many more.

The Comedic Component

Kaaboo is not only well-known for the incredible music it offers, but also performances by world-famous comedians such as Dana Karvey, Sarah Silverman, and Cheech and Chong. The cast of the HBO hit series “Silicon Valley” also made an experience.

Our team got to enjoy Sarah Silverman’s act, which was nothing short of hilarious. The rest of the audience was also laughing during the entire show.

What was also wonderful about the comedy tent was that it offered rest from the hot sun with fans, chandeliers, and lots of seating. We also appreciated the full bar.

Kaaboo's Comedy Stage

Kaaboo’s Comedy Stage

A Plethora of Delicious Food

Kaaboo was also proud to offer a variety of delicious food from a plethora of different cuisines and multiple locations on the festival’s grounds.

Posh Nosh

Posh Nosh was a wonderfully unique feature the festival offered. This area was a large plaza that hosted food vendors that offered tasty delicacies. One of our favorites was the gourmet hot dogs from “Gourmet Dogs” and the custard from “Yummy Cups.”

Sunset Cliffs Stage

Another area with a large assortment of food vendors was at the Sunset Cliffs Stage. We tasted the yummy New-Orleans inspired cuisine from “Phat Daddy’s Cajun,” scrumptious gourmet Italian pizza from “Frankies Pizza.”

Even More Cuisine

Unfortunately, the FestPop team did not get the opportunity to taste all of the delightful food at the festival. However, there many other places that food vendors offered their amazing food. Such areas included the “Grandview Stage”, the “Palate Stage”, “Trestles Stage” and “Encore”. In these areas, guests could try gourmet french fries at “Poutine Your Mouth”, fresh smoothies at “Smoothie Rider,”and crafty grilled cheese sandwiches at “Greenspan Grilled Cheese” -to name a few.


To Conclude…

In addition to the amazing experiences covered in this review, hammocks, a pool, volleyball courts, and beaches, an impressive assortment of art, and hand-crafted artisan cocktails were also accessible to guests. With such a unique set of amenities, how could Kaaboo not be an incredible experience? One thing is unquestionable, do not miss this experience next year!


Information for Next Year

For more information about next years dates and events, visit the festival’s website at .

FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk

FestPop San Francisco Staff Writer Mandy Losk


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