Why You Should Plan to Attend a Music Festival with Friends at Least Once

Why You Should Plan to Attend a Music Festival with Friends at Least Once

You never really know what you have until it’s gone. This is what the world realized when event after event got canceled or moved due to the growing threat of the COVID-19 virus. In fact, even established festivals such as Coachella have moved their celebration from April to October to keep their attendees safe. And while we bunker down, this gives you enough time to decide on whether or not you should attend your first music festival with a group of friends once the celebrations kick off once again.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. This sort of thing has never really interested you so why should you even consider it? We’re sure your friends have even tried to convince you before but to no avail. Well, luckily we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should attend a music festival with your friends at least once in your life!

Build Stronger Bonds

Why You Should Plan to Attend a Music Festival with Friends at Least Once

While we’re not saying give in to peer pressure, going to a music festival could prove to be an experience that brings you closer to your friends. And while this may seem superficial, there’s actually more to it than just going to a concert.

 This is because Gala Bingo stresses that friendships are essential factors that affect our health, emotions, and even increases our life satisfaction. Every facet of our lives hinges on the relationships that we build. This is why we should all make a conscious effort to get together more often, given how uncertain the world has become. So why not give the concert a shot?

World-Class Acts

Why You Should Plan to Attend a Music Festival with Friends at Least Once

Another big draw that these music festivals have is the world-class acts that they bring together on one stage to play for the thousands of attendees. Indeed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a collection of musicians as impressive as those at the major festivals.

What’s great about this is that the festival organizers take both new and established (sometimes even legendary) acts, and puts them all in one line-up. Where else in the world will you see a concert with both Rage Against the Machine and Frank Ocean playing? Organizers go above and beyond to deliver the best musical experience to ensure that all festival-goers with different music tastes have a great time.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

Why You Should Plan to Attend a Music Festival with Friends at Least Once

Lastly, music festivals offer attendees a once in a lifetime experience. What other venue offers you the opportunity to go wild (while remaining respectful, of course) with thousands of other people. Indeed, there is nothing more life-changing than the visceral effect of a mosh pit — of body-on-body crashing up against each other under the backdrop of thundering music and booming bass notes.


Once you attend a music festival you’ll understand why so many consider it a life-changing experience. After all, nothing strengthens bonds more than shared experiences. If you try stepping out of your comfort zone, this could be one of the moments that define your friendship: a shared experience of art and culture that will deepen your bonds forever.

However, at the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you. Keep these reasons in mind and we’re sure you’ll end up making your own decision when the time comes. Remember that whatever you choose to do, it’ll be 100 times better if you do it in the company of good friends.

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